Saturday, March 18, 2006

What's In A Name? Medical Department

Part of my day is spent submitting medical claims to insurance companies for a primary care physician. I use a series of diagnotic codes called the International Classification of Diseases or ICD-9 codes. The most common codes my doctor submits are 477.9 - Acute Allergic Rhinitis (the sniffles) and 780.52 - Insomnia (insomnia) .
While flipping through the code book, I came across these other interesting names. Here they are with their corresponding codes, in case you want to submit them to your insurance company .

Plague - 020.9
Bird Fanciers Disease - 495.2 (You just don't hear the word "fancier" very much these days.)
Living Alone - V60.3 (I didn't know it was a disease!)
Fort Bragg Fever - 100.89
Poker Spine - 720.0 (My personal favorite.)
Soduko - 026.0 (Isn't this the puzzle craze sweeping the nation? Okay, that's Suduko. Actually, the truth is kinda creepy--this is described as rat-bite fever.)
Preacher's Voice - 784.49
Nun's Knee - 727.2
Found dead - 798.9
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