Sunday, April 17, 2005

"The Affirmation Project"

. . . is under way at Pastor Dan's blog, faithforward. In response to the latest Republican attempts to define "Christianity" in far-right-wing terms (as exemplified by the "Justice Sunday" program, supported by Senator Bill Frist, which seeks to intimidate and ultimately destroy our independent judiciary in the name of "religion"), Pastor Dan is inviting faithful people with progressive political and social beliefs to publicly identify themselves and testify to the truth that the God we know is not a bigot, militarist, or ideologue.

You're strongly urged to visit Pastor Dan's website. The array of statements that have already been posted is a moving and eloquent demonstration of the diversity and genius of the true American spirit as expressed by Christians and Jews, Muslims and Hindus, atheists and agnostics, and people of many other faiths. You may even feel moved to swell the chorus with a few words of your own.
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What do GE, Pepsi, and Toyota know that Exxon, Wal-Mart, and Hershey don't?  It's sustainability . . . the business secret of the twenty-first century.

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