Sunday, December 25, 2005

May the Fours Be With You

Picking up on a party game that has been sweeping the blogosphere (here, for example), these are my answers to the "meme of fours." Make of them what you will . . .

Four jobs you've had in your life: waiter/short order cook at Meyer & Blohm's ice cream parlor in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; data entry clerk in the group insurance department at New York Life Insurance Company; test prep teacher/researcher at Stanley H. Kaplan Educational Center; managing director, Times Books, Random House.

Four movies you could watch over and over: Duck Soup, Citizen Kane, Dr. Strangelove, A Hard Day's Night.

Four places you've lived: Brooklyn, NY; 204th Street and Broadway in Inwood, Manhattan; Astor Avenue in the Bronx; and Chappaqua, NY. (Yes, I'm an unrepentant New Yorker.)

Four TV shows you love to watch: The Odd Couple, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, any New York Mets game (three comedies and a tragedy).

Four places you've been on vacation: St. Petersburg, Russia; St. Martin; the Napa Valley; Cape Cod.

Four websites you visit daily: Daily Kos, Hullaballoo, Washington Monthly, TAPPED (The American Prospect).

Four of your favorite foods: nigiri sushi, kosher hot dogs, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Mary-Jo's paiella (out of so many many choices I could name . . . )

Four places you'd rather be: Kauai, Paris, Florence, New York City in 1965.

Bonus question--Four works of art I'd like to steal so I could display them in my home: Mondrian's "Broadway Boogie-Woogie," Derain's "Thames at Tower Bridge," a Georgia O'Keefe cityscape, and Brueghel's " Young Folk at Play." All of which, now that I think about it, are pictures that depict or imply the vibrant energy of life in a town crowded with people.

If you're a World Wide Weber, you're invited to write a post with your lists. If you're a visitor, add yours as a comment.

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