Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Instant Karma's Gonna Get Him

Sister Ingrid sends along this story from the Philadelphia Inquirer and adds, "You have my permission to turn this into a good blog entry--I won't be able to do it justice." Here's the gist:

In an awe-inspiring disregard of decency, taste and respect, not to say a sublimely cynical bet on the stupidity of the public, Starcast Productions will air a pay-per-view seance from the grave of Beatle great John Lennon.

Responding to claims that the show, which says it'll try to to speak to the singer, is tasteless, producer Paul Sharratt said, "We're making a serious attempt to do something that many, many millions of people around the world think is possible." (What, separate a fool from his money?)

Sharratt, who does not have Yoko Ono's blessing, says he's not a believer in the paranormal, but claims his previous effort, the Spirit of Diana, had a therapeutic effect for the 500,000 folks who paid $14.95 each for its inspiration. At $9.95, the April 24 Lennon atrocity is a bargain.

Actually, Ingrid, I think this is one of those stories that speaks for itself. Pretty depressing. Although I do hope they get around to asking John's spirit what he thinks of Len It Be. The world wants to know.

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