Saturday, April 01, 2006

Advertising Anomalies

For those who are curious: We've signed up with two advertising sources. Blogads, which sells space on many leading blogs, provided the "advertise here" spot currently appearing at the top of our right hand column. (Thanks to fellow blogger Digby at Hullabaloo for providing us with the "sponsorship" connection Blogads requests to sign up a new site.) Blogads will track our blog and its traffic for at least several days before any ads from their sponsors begin to appear.

The other source is Google, which has already provided some ads. Google uses a bot to scan the contents of a blog, scope out the interests of its readers, and provide appropriate ads. Oddly, the first few ads from Google seem to have a predominantly conservative slant. Evidently their bot can recognize "political" words like "Bush," "Iraq," "Congress," etc. but can't necessarily diagnose the overarching philosophy embodied in the writing. (Can't be too critical there. Sometimes I have trouble too, especially when I'm reading Andrew Sullivan.) The fact that the title of a recent post contained the word "Prayer" may have confused the bot as well.

Hopefully the ads will shift leftward as more posts appear. Meanwhile, you're urged to visit the website that promises to introduce you to thousands of "Beautiful Republican Singles." Maybe at least we can do to a few Republicans what their party has been doing to the whole country . . .

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