Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Good Night's Sleep for Bush

I came across this feel-good story on the New York Times website today, about the extraordinary level of support children of deployed soldiers receive at a school on Fort Bragg. The article talks about a five-year-old girl who began suffering from nightmares and sleeplessness after her father was deployed in September. It ends with an incredibly sad image of the little girl trying to sing herself to sleep with a song her teacher made up for her, in which sleeping is ok because she can dream of being with her father again: "I can dream we're going to play piggy-back ride. I can dream we're going to play Xbox. I can go to sleep now. And dream we're going to eat lunch together."

This brought to mind a Bush quote I saw on Salon last week, from an interview he did with People magazine: "I must tell you, I'm sleeping a lot better than people would assume." (I'm SO happy for him!) I wonder if Mr. Bush would be interested in justifying to this little girl how he can sleep at night when he has put her father and so many others into harm's way, and been responsible for thousands of deaths, due to his arrogance, ignorance, and cowboy machismo? If not, perhaps he can give her some tips on how to be as callous and self-centered as he is, so maybe she can get a good night's sleep too.
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