Saturday, June 02, 2007

I Thought The Problem Was That Al Gore Was TOO Smart

Today's Metro section of the New York Times has an interesting article about a conservative millionaire named Robert Rosenkranz who, as a hobby, has been hosting debates on various political and social topics at the Asia Society here in Manhattan. Here is the paragraph that jumped out at me:
"I felt the level of civility in public life had just gotten dreadful," Mr. Rosenkranz said of his decision to start the debate series. "And when I suggested some kind of oppositional debates to people at the Manhattan Institute and at the American Enterprise Institute, the response was always, 'It's not our mission in life to give them a forum, and there's nobody smart on the other side.'" [emphasis added]
Notice that Rosenkranz didn't say that this arrogant comment was made one time by a single conservative doofus; rather, this was their habitual attitude and their official party line.

What was that you were saying about the elitism and closed-mindedness of New York liberals?

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