Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fortune Magazine Boldly Endorses Health Care For Everyone Who Doesn't Need It

The March 10th issue of Fortune magazine contains an article titled "Why McCain Has the Best Health-Care Plan." After eight paragraphs explaining how awesome the free market is and how double-awesome McCain is for being the only remaining presidential candidate who worships at that altar, author Shawn Tully then confesses:
The problem with McCain's approach--and it is a huge problem--is that McCain ventures so far toward total laissez-faire liberty that he risks leaving the poor and sick behind.
A health plan that is good for everybody but the sick! What a concept. I guess the editors at Fortune talked it over, realized that the problem with U.S. health-care is that it isn't slanted enough toward the rich and the healthy, and were delighted to discover that McCain wants to keep doing what we're doing, only more so.

I guess in a way you have to give Fortune credit for honesty. I'm looking forward to further articles in the series: "Why McCain Has a Brilliant Approach to Fixing the Economy" ("The only drawback, for those who are really picky, is that McCain's plan could turn a recession into a depression") and "How McCain Will Bring Lasting Peace to the Middle East" ("The only minor flaw in McCain's peace plan is that it involves endless war").

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