Thursday, February 15, 2007

His Jawline May Be His Best Presidential Credential

It's looking like a long year for Mitt Romney. His flip-flopping on gay rights and abortion is already dominating many news stories about his presidential candidacy, and polls are showing large numbers of Republicans expressing doubts about whether they can vote for a Mormon. And now, one day after he chooses to formally toss his hat into the ring in Dearborn, Michigan, posing in front of a display of American cars so as to associate his campaign with the dynamism and innovation of the US auto industry, massive carmaker layoffs turn out to be the lead story in the national business news.

Between the hapless Romney, the thin-skinned gay divorcee Giuliani, the increasingly desperate McCain, and the practically unknown Huckabee and Brownback, the Republican field for 2008 appears remarkably weak. Dear, dear, what a shame.

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