Monday, June 11, 2007

A Silly Question About "The Sopranos"

I realize I will lose all my cred as a cultural commentator for admitting this, but I don't have HBO and therefore have not participated in the Sopranos mania of the past several years, culminating in last night's finale. But I do wonder about something which I would love to see addressed by someone in a position to do so: Why is it that the "glamorization" of the "gangsta" life by hip-hop singers is so widely considered a threat to the social and cultural underpinnings of our society, while the "glamorization" of gangsters by shows like The Sopranos (to say nothing of a long list of Hollywood movies, many of them considered classics, from The Godfather to Once Upon a Time in America) evidently poses no such threat?

I don't suppose race has anything to do with it.

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