Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When It's Carnival Day, The Liberals Play

Lent is approaching, and that can only mean one thing: It's carnival time. No, not that kind of carnival--I mean Carnival of the Liberals, which we are hosting here at World Wide Webers for the third time. Here are the blog selections for this fortnight, and a varied lot they are.

First up, for those who worry they may not have gotten their recommended allowance of primary election analysis, check out Charles H. Green's What New Hampshire Voters Really Said. Green may not earn as much as George Stephanopoulos or Wolf Blitzer, but for my money he makes more sense than either of them.

Next, tune in to Alvaro's Grand Rounds: Briefing the Next US President. It's a roundup of forty blog posts covering most of the key issues related to health care that every candidate ought to know about--kind of a carnival-within-a-carnival, if that's not getting too meta for you.

Over at The Agonist, Ian Welsh describes The Glorious Future That American Unions Walked Away From. The title may be a slight overstatement, but Ian's theme is a worthy one: the electoral strategy that the union movement should have followed to make the 2008 campaign a positive turning point in labor history.

Then visit Grrl Scientist at Living the Scientific Life, where she discusses the need for ScienceDebate2008.

At his blog Progression of Faith, Mike L offers a different twist on the Democratic race, describing The Libertarian Case for Barack Obama.

Now for something completely different: Rich Cochrane at Big Ideas explores a topic I frankly didn't know existed--The Ethics of the iPod.

What do the infamous Tuskegee syphilis experiments and the Zogby political polls have in common? Charles H. Green (with his second hit in one carnival) explains all in his post The Zombie of Trust Betrayed.

Then we have Buffy at The Gaytheist Agenda, feistily informing the presidential candidates, I don't need pandering. Just give me my rights.

Heading into the home stretch, deepali at Paradigm Shifted meditates on Credits Cards vs. Personal Responsibility--a topic that hits rather close to home during the month when Christmas bills show up in the mailbox.

And finally, this carnival's most blush-worthy selection: Greta Christina's All I Really Need To Know I Learned From Porn--Or Not. For every parent who has ever said, "Why do my kids need sex education? Let them learn about sex where I learned it--from Penthouse magazine!" Greta Christina explains why this may not be such a great idea.

So there you have it--ten blog posts guaranteed to recharge your liberal batteries during these long cold winter nights. Throw another log on the fire, enjoy a little left-wing surfing, and start thinking about which posts you want to submit to the February 13th (Valentine's Week) edition of COTL at Liberal England.


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