Monday, February 11, 2008

The XX Factor Keeps Up The Anti-Hillary Barrage

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Meanwhile, back at The XX Factor--a few days after Emily Yoffe's bizarre attack on Chelsea and Hillary Clinton--another commentator, Hannah Rosin, offers her own weird take on the "pimping out" controversy:
[MSNBC commentator David] Shuster was totally wrong, but the more important point is the Clintons' reactions. Apparently Shuster has offered to apologize to all involved, the NBC president got down on his knees, but they won't have it, they are just too insulted and outraged.

I mean, come on. Hillary's the tough one, who knows how to fight the right wing machine, right? So why does she take it seriously? Why does she pay any attention to this nonsense. Are we supposed to believe Chelsea just crumpled when she heard the word "pimp" attached to her name and took to her bed? No. This is just the Clintons, at home and alive again, in their happy role as the Most Aggrieved.
Umm, maybe this is HOW you fight the right wing machine--by taking it seriously, attacking it publicly, expressing your outrage, and demanding apologies. After all, isn't this how the right responds to attacks from the left?--As when Congress dropped everything to pass a resolution of outrage over the MoveOn "Betray Us" ad.

Rosin seems to imply that the best way to "fight the right wing machine" is by ignoring it. That worked very well for John Kerry, didn't it?

And lest you have any doubts about Rosin's attitude toward Hillary and Chelsea, her post then shifts topics, inexplicably:
Who needs Chelsea, anyway, when we got Amy. Amy Winehouse, that is. I've seen that recent paparazzi shot of her wandering the streets in just her bra. . . .
Good grief. Only in the warped minds of the women of The XX Factor is there any conceivable connection between Chelsea Clinton and Amy Winehouse.

Get ahold of yourself, Hannah--at least try to maintain a facade of logic while throwing everything you can find at Hillary, including the kitchen sink.


And just to avoid suspicion that The XX Factor is going too easy on Hillary, today yet another commentator on the site, Emila Bazelon, turns over her real estate for a guest post by Daniel Gross, who says that David Shuster "has been one of my closest friends for 26 years" and then proceeds--what a surprise--to defend Shuster and trash the Clintons. Apparently it's not enough for the members of Slate's "women's forum" to be devoted to excoriating Hillary--they seem to feel the need to invite selected men onto their page to help out with the job.

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